What Readers are Saying

3 out of 4 stars!

The pictures are bright and engaging, and each page includes a lot of details for young children to analyze. The illustrations are cartoonish, which is appropriate for the target audience. the majority of the illustrations are cute and fun to examine.

The rhyme scheme is strong, making for an enjoyable book to read out loud.

- Marisa R.

Great story poems and beautiful illustrations.

I read several to my grandson. Great story poems and beautiful illustrations. Kids can learn and repeat the poems. They're very educational too.

- Nazi K.

Perfect for children’s learning!

Bright, Educational, and Fun! HIGHLY recommend this poem series for children.

- Billy W.


This book is great for inspiring young children to read and write poetry. The illustrations are bright and stunning. Highly recommend it!

- Mark G.

My favorite!

I read four poem stories. Wallis' Willow is my absolute favorite, even though all of them were quite good. It reminded me of the joy I had as a child whenever a tree was involved: climbing it, sitting in its shade reading a book, having a picnic, etc.

- Paully A.

Great Series!!

These are great additions for any child's reading!! Simple, easy and have wonderful storylines. Thank you Mike for your contribution to a growing world! Can't wait to read more!!

- Sandra W.

Wonderful rhythm and illustrations!

These poems are very quick reads, beautifully illustrated. The rhythm of the poems feels... right. I'm looking forward to an opportunity to read these with my youngest niece (4 yo) and I think these would be especially great for 2-4 year olds - those at an age who like their favorite bedtime stories read again and again.

- Debbie C.

Children under five will most likely enjoy this book the most.

It is impressive that a book with so few words conveys so much information. Without even realizing it, children will be exposed to information about animals.

Moreover, each page only includes a few words, making the illustrations, not the narrative, the focus of the book.

- Marisa R.

Great poems for the kids.

Art and poems put together to match - your kids will love them like my kids.

- Brigner M.

About The Author

Mike Gauss - author Storytime Rhymes nursery rhyme children's books

Mike Gauss (he, him)

I wrote the first of the Storytime Rhymes, Bailey’s Blue Jay, at the age of 14. The lyrical and rhythmic nature of this nursery rhyme stuck in my head as I grew up and made a career in media relations. After years of authoring business articles and ghostwriting copy for clients, I decided to apply my craft to more joyous pursuits – educating, empowering, and entertaining children. With a keen sense of observation, a childlike heart, and a passion for helping marginalized people understand, relate, and overcome the world around them, I released my first set of children’s books for publication in December 2020.

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